Aries Monthly Horoscope

Aries Monthly Horoscope

AriesARIES Horoscope

March 21 to April 19

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Aries February Horoscope

After a January that featured two eclipses, February will be much smoother for you, Aries. February will be quite interesting, featuring a Full Moon – Supermoon on February 19th!

Aries February Horoscope: New Moon

February 4th brings a New Moon in Aquarius. This New Moon brings about a strong need for emotional freedom. Good emotional health comes when we slow down and deal with what is troubling us, so that we can enjoy the simple joy of being happy and at peace within ourselves. During this Moon, there is a heightened sensitivity to one’s organs. The ankle, shin, forearm muscles and thyroid hormones are all affected, so be aware.

Aries February Horoscope: Mars Enters Taurus

On Valentine’s Day, February 14, Mars enters Taurus and the Moon is in Aquarius. Mental powers expand at this time. You’ve got the power to move mountains with your words today and if there was ever a time to connect with people, it is now. Anything involving social media or the internet gets extra energy. Know that there is great love available to you in every moment. There are many different types of love and there is a lot to go around! Since this day is dedicated to love, show your appreciation to all the people who mean a lot to you. Studies show that kindness spreads. Give Valentine’s Day cards to those close to you.

Aries February Horoscope: Full Moon

February 19th has a Full Moon – Super Moon. This Full Moon counts as the most “Super” of the Full Super Moons in 2019 because it’s the Full Moon that most closely aligns with perigee– the Moon’s closest point to Earth in its monthly orbit. This unusual Moon can bring the warmth, the emotion, and the sense of belonging back to your life if you accept the help of one or two key people. Learn to release your worries and rid yourself of any old habits that no longer serve you.

Aries February Horoscope: Mercury

February 27 has Mercury at its greatest Eastern Elongation. Tonight showcases Mercury’s best appearance in the evening sky for the year for northerly latitudes. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, your best evening view of Mercury will have to wait until October, 2019. After this greatest elongation, the distance between Mercury and the Sun will decrease each night as it sinks back into the Sun’s glare. You may notice that conversations around you becoming more intense. That can cause a little bit of drama, because Mercury’s vibrations are very dramatic.

Aries February Horoscope: Words of Wisdom

Before I go to sleep, I choose to let go of all of my problems and concerns for the night and hand them over to the Universe.

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Aries January Horoscope

Aries January 2019 Horoscope: Two solar eclipses along with a number of powerful influences makes for a very eventful and positive January.

You begin the New Year, Aries, with Mars in your sign, and will be there through February 14th. This is a major energy boost for everything that you want to get done in your life. Make a list of projects and goals and for the next six weeks, you will be a productivity machine.

Aries January 2019 Horoscope: Solar Eclipse

There is a solar eclipse in Capricorn on January 5th, and it should be a boon to your career and to important projects that you care about. New opportunities abound all around this date, so keep your eyes and ears open. With Neptune involved, this eclipse might also very well push you toward an enhancement of your spiritual views.

On January 6th, Uranus turns direct in your sign. Change is the word of the day, and this will last through March 6th. Expect the unexpected as Uranus brings many surprises. If you embrace the change, these will be very positive.

Aries January 2019 Horoscope: Venus Transit

Venus moves through Sagittarius from January 7th and February 3rd. Your romantic and passionate sides are aflame during this move, and especially so around January 20th. This is a time for dating and for fun!

This movement of Venus could also mean some adventure. Often this is seen as with a travel opportunity, but could simply mean you are very much desiring new stimuli. Embrace these desires and Venus could provide a wondrous time of exploration.

Mercury moves through Capricorn from January 4th through January 24th. Your communication during this time is operating and peak efficiency and you will reap the rewards with your business life while you experience this influence.

Aries January 2019 Horoscope: Lunar Eclipse

There is a lunar eclipse on January 21st, in Leo that will be involved with your romantic and creative sides. This is all about simple pleasures and your artistic and passionate elements bursting forth. Plan for this day and enjoy the eclipse and all it brings.

Total Lunar Eclipse, Super Blood Moon and a Wolf Moon

January of 2019 is going to bring a rare Lunar event – the Super Blood Moon – to excite eclipse fans. This particular Super Blood Moon is actually going to be a trifecta of lunar events – a Total Lunar Eclipse, Super Blood Moon, and a “Wolf Moon” – and is also being called the Super Blood Wolf Moon. The Super Moon in 2019, which is set for January 20 and 21 (depending on the time zone), will be visible to the people across the Americas and parts of western Europe and Africa.

This is a time to go forth and do your own thing. Don’t stay in a bad situation… cut your losses and move on. Show kindness to those around you. Take strength from all this Moon power. The best for you is just around the corner.

Aries January 2019 Horoscope: Words of Wisdom

May all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolutions!