Daily Astrology

April 19 Astrology Reading


The Sun in Taurus brings strength. One of the greatest gifts you can give the world is to feel enthusiastic and charged with energy. You will draw other people to you with your enthusiasm. It is a quality that makes one attractive in all kinds of relationships and a wonderful quality to find in other people. With enthusiasm, things get done and they often get done better and more easily than if you were to muster up the will to do them in an unenthusiastic way. Start today by being enthusiastic about one thing and then make it a habit.

People born on April 19th are innovative and independent thinkers with big ideas. Your enthusiasm and idealism are harmoniously counterbalanced by practicality and common sense. You’re extremely sociable and able to get along with almost anyone. Caring and sensuous, you’re a genuine romantic who loves candlelight dinners.

Daily thought for April 19th: Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.