Daily Astrology

April 22 Astrology Reading


Happiness is in the Pluto Retrograde. When we choose to give love, when we aren’t concerned whether it is returned or not, it will be fulfillment in itself. We should believe that it is through giving love, freely and without any strings attached, that we will receive our best rewards. When we are of service to others, whether it is just pitching in to help with small chores, or giving comfort and reassurance to others in trouble, we are giving love. If you are going through life always looking to “get” something, know that “getting” depends largely on our willingness to give. Take ten minutes today to give love to someone in need.

People born on April 22nd are charming and helpful. You have a unique individuality and a mysterious quality about you that others find mystifying. There is a scientific side of you that is heavily influenced by intuitive hunches and flashes of inspiration. Anyone who gets involved with you will soon find out that you’re a lot easier to catch than to keep.

Daily thought for April 22nd: Act as if you are already happy, and soon you actually will convince even yourself that you are.