Daily Astrology

April 24 Astrology Reading


Venus enters Gemini, bringing disorder. Right and wrong are not always black and white. Stop and ask yourself if the point you are trying to make is actually a valid one. Sometimes we forget that the other person’s right to a different point of view might be just as right as ours may be. We begin to think in black and white when we assume we know everything. We cannot discount the beliefs of others simply due to differences from our own. It is more than likely that neither of us can claim the title of being absolutely right or absolutely wrong. Let’s embrace, today, a different opinion. Let’s listen to a different point of view with open ears.

People born on April 24th have magnetic personalities and a bubbly enthusiasm. Your strong sense of purpose surprises everyone. You care about people and their problems, and you are often the first to respond when help is needed. You are extremely sociable and friendly, and your flirty ways can earn you a reputation for being fickle.

Daily thought for April 24th: People can have many different kinds of pleasure. The real one is that for which they will give up the others.