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We trust in plumed procession; For such the angels go; Rank after Rank, with even feet; And uniforms of snow.  ~ Emily Dickinson ~

We do not really know what angels look like.  We do know of a few visual descriptions mentioned in the Bible. Those that covered the throne in heaven were mighty Seraphim angels.  They had six wings that hovered over the throne of God.   Two of the Seraphim’s wings covered their faces because God is so holy that even the Seraphim angels could not look upon God (Isaiah 6:2).

Another set of wings covered their feet for they were in the midst of holy ground where God abided and Moses (Exodus 3:5) and Joshua (Joshua 5:15) had to remove their shoes while in the presence of God.  Angels do have some human features like feet, voices, and faces (Isaiah 6:1-2).

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