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Creativity and Cupid Rule

The month starts out with a little twist in your consciousness, starting on the 4th lasting until April 15th when Venus turns retrograde in Aries. It is a time of contemplation, where your egragrious side will be supressed for your more introverted and thoughtful side. You might reasses your romantic situation, and consider what creative endeavors you still find rewarding.

It could be a time where you consider a change in the road with your spiritual beliefs, or at very least become more open to new deeply held beliefs. There is the potential for chaos, but if you stay disciplined, you won’t allow little disagreements or perceived slights turn into anything more. It is a temporary state, one that will change dramatically in the middle of the next month.

If you have a work situation that has been a problem because of a disagreement with a coworker, this may be the time to repair burned bridges.

Mars transits Taurus between March 9 and April 12, and this is going to be an amazing time for your life around your home. You will experience the wonderful feeling of getting things done, and you will have a bounce in your step and an eagerness to tackle home projects. You could finally clean out that basement or garage, or get ready for a big garage sale come Spring.

Maybe you have been wanting to paint a deck, or refurb a room. Now is the time. It will be a joy to improve your home, and people around you will find your energy infectious. A real, practical, down to earth plan is how goals are achieved.

On March 12th, Virgo will have a full moon, and this is going to shine the light on a matter of your finances. It is in the positive, and could mean a financial gain, whether or not you earned it through hard work. But don’t feel guilty, it is all for the good, and be thankful when good luck comes. There is enough bad luck in the world!

It is also a time of great clarity and vision, and if you have a work or home project that has been causing you stress because you just can’t find the answer… well, this is the time when that answer jumps out at you. You will be amazed that you didn’t see it all along.

Mercury transits Aries between March 13th and the 31st and this brings even more clarity, this time with your communication and decision making. Your networking skills will be exceptional and it is a great time to reconsider past relationships that you might have let fade away.

If you have a work situation that has been a problem because of a disagreement with a coworker, this may be the time to repair burned bridges. If you can handle the situation with calmness and patience, this will work out better for everyone concerned.

You may be faced with career choices that bring new opportunities, increased inflow of money, status elevation, and an expanded social network. You will need to decide if you are willing to take a number of trips abroad or long distance travels within the country, itself, if it is a condition of employment.

On the 31st, Mercury enters Taurus until the 9th of April, when it will turn retrograde. Prepare for some upcoming turmoil, and during this time get things in order. Now is the time to start new endeavors, not after the 9th of April, so make your moves before a time of conflict.

On March 27th, a new moon is in Aries, and this is a time of new opportunities. This is probably a culmination of a lot of efforts building up to this day. The light will be shining on you, and your hard work will come to fruition.


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