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Let your Creative Side through!

The year starts with a bump in the road- Mercury retrograde. But you can alleviate any possible problems with preparation. Watch out for mishaps around the house, with your car or computer, or with mis-communications over money or relationships.  Be very clear in your appointments and financial planning. Don’t let it stress you out, just know that on January 8th things will get back to normal, and you are in for a month that could be filled with positive energies.

January 3rd marks the start of an exciting time regarding your finances up until February 3rd. In particular, your creative side will spurn new opportunities to make money, perhaps with a new project that you dreamed up. There will be a lot of activity regarding your creative process, and if you can align that with your practical and logical parts of your personality, you should be able to start a long term project that spawned from your imagination.

“During this time you will have loads of “creative vibes” that will attract the attention of people looking for new experiences and friendships.”

On the 28th, Mars joins Uranus and this is a highly concentrated time of proactive, imaginative energies that you will use to build new bridges with other like minds.  This will last until March 9th. During this time you will have loads of “creative vibes” that will attract the attention of people looking for new experiences and friendships.

January 12th brings the full moon in Cancer and will shed light on relationship issues, in particular females. Your career will be affected by some change in how you operate day to day, so be prepared for a shift your routine.

On January 28th you have a new moon in your sign, happening only once per year. This is a day to set up the rest of the year. Make lists, say prayers, fill your day with affirmations and positive reinforcements. This is one of the most important days for your year, and you should prepare to build a foundation based on good energy and a positive attitude.

As you move through January, you might rub people the wrong way if you get too snippy and arrogant about a project at hand. It’s just that you feel you need space and need to be totally absorbed in a project that has been on your mind. But you will finish what you started and become nicely balanced and people will see your loving, adventurous side once again.

It’s time to stop with all the work and no play. You will be pleasantly surprised to find out that life will work out if you let things take their natural course. Things will finally fall in place and doors of opportunity will open for you if you let them.


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