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Aquarius July 2017 Horoscope

Stay Calm and Chill

Whereas many other of your friends and family might be having a very busy July, you, Aquarius, can take this month to relax, much like you were able to do in May. A fairly busy June kept you on your toes, but July will be a bit of a respite, which is leading into a very, very hectic August.

Make sure that you take this month to hone your skills with meditation, or take more time in your prayers.  Find at least 15 minutes a day for alone time.  These are the tools you will need to reboot each day when August comes around.

Aquarius July 2017 “Relationships” Horoscope

On July 4th, Venus enters Gemini, and lasts until July 31st.  This is going to be a storm of romantic and creative forces that you will bask yourself in. Indulge your creative side and start on any new projects that need that side of your personality.  If you have work projects that require this, now is the time, as your mind will be working heavily on that side.

In terms of romance, this could be the most inspired time of the year. If you have a partner, make that person the focus of your attention. If you are currently alone, this is a time to get out there and mingle.  Your communication skills will be operating smoothly, and you will find it easy to express yourself during this time.  You will also be a wonderful listener for those around you.

Aquarius July 2017 “Career” Horoscope

Mercury moves through Leo between July 5th and July 25th. Another excellent boon for your communication skills, your thoughts will be clear and expressed well.  Others will be drawn to your ideas.  You have a talent for writing and will experience sudden flashes of inspiration.  Your emotional sensitivity will increase, making you more imaginative, receptive and emotionally aware of your social life.

On July 8th, there is a full moon in Capricorn, and resolutions will be the focus of the day. Turmoil and confusion will be swept away in the light of the full moon, and you will feel quite satisfied getting some problems off of the table.

Mars transits Leo from July 20th to September 5th, and the dynamic you have with others in your everyday life will be affected- your partners in work and in romance. This has a potential for negativity, so be extra careful during this time to be patient and open to all of your problem-solving skills.  Don’t let little issues turn into big ones.

Aquarius July 2017 “Daily Life” Horoscope

On the 25th, Mercury enters Virgo.  Next month it will turn retrograde, so for now, dot your i’s and cross your t’s on all of your affairs.  Chaos could be coming soon.   By incorporating variety into your life, an inner restlessness or impatience can be channeled into dynamic change.

Venus enters Cancer on the 31st, and this is going to allow for a calmness in your day to day life.  Little tasks that generally seem annoying will seem a bit more joyful as you will be thankful for the gifts you have been given.

Aquarius July 2017 “Words of Wisdom” Horoscope

He who loses wealth loses much.  He who loses a friend loses more.  But he who loses his courage loses all.  There is something healthy and invigorating about taking direct action.  Bad weather always looks worse through a window.


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