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Simple Pleasures

The last few months have been not particularly a joy, and May will be a fantastic change of pace. There will be calm, positivity and serenity. It will be a short break, however, as summer could be very hectic. Get yourself in the right frame of mind, and the busy summer months could be very positive.

Mercury turns direct in Aries on the 3rd, and this will be a time to dive head first into activity that brings you joy. You might consider trips to local towns and places that you have always wanted to go, but just have been putting off. But now you are embolden with a sense of action and adventure and you want to explore and experience new things. With work you may have been putting off proposing a project, but now is the time… you have the confidence and wherewithal to get it approved and in motion.

From May 3rd to the 16th you have two weeks of creative energies bursting forth. Use these energies to create and to experience. From the 16th to June 6th, Mercury transits Taurus, and the energies will shift dramatically. This will not be a negative, but instead of the adventurer, you will become very pragmatic and productive and find joy in the little tasks that you are confronted with day to day.

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Aquarians are almost always drawn to holistic medicine and alternative health regimens, particularly in the area of natural alternatives to conventional drugs. A light diet, rich in berries, is best for you. You also enjoy swimming. To keep your circulatory system moving freely, it’s important that you keep moving.

On May 10, there is a Full Moon in Scorpio, and this is going to strongly concentrate on your career. Be careful, as your emotions are very strong during this time, which you can harness for the positive, or let loose and they could cause drama.

Something with work or a project that you have been working on intensely will be illuminated, and you will be finally recognized for all of the energy you put into it. Your instincts are focused and true, so you should feel free to communicate your deeply held feelings about work with others.

Aquarians are energetic, intellectual, eccentric, freedom-loving, aggressively social, and great communicators. You love knowledge and intellectual pursuits and are powerfully adept at translating ideas and theories into words and actions.

There is a New Moon in Gemini on May 25th, and this is a magical time for new opportunities with romance and creativity, your family and communications. Who knows what will happen, but there will be posititivity with an aspect of your life that you hold near and dear.

Go forth through the days surrounding this new moon with a joyful anticipation, with no worry… you will experience a windfall of the heart!

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