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Aquarius September 2017 Horoscope

Have to Admit, It’s Getting Better!

For months on end, things have either been quite calm, busy like crazy, or just downright nasty.  Before we reached the summer, we had a quiet and calm May. It was peaceful, but if you read the horoscope, you knew that a hectic summer was ahead.

June and July were very, very frenetic. However, you couldn’t really define them as particularly negative nor positive.  They were simply busy.

September is going to be an amazing month. Spoil yourself or someone you care for with a little special something to help you enjoy it. Learn More Here!

August was another story altogether.  It featured two eclipses and a Mercury retrograde. This was not your month.  We hope that you took the time and effort to properly prepare for the retrograde.

Hopefully you only have some small fires to put out.  Best case scenario, you simply put everything on hold and weathered the storm.

Regardless, you are about to have a major pivot in your life.  September is going to be a very different time.  It all starts around September 5th.

Mercury turns direct in Leo on September 5th, and everything starts to turn around. Mercury will then enter Virgo on the 9th. You feel energized and focused. Your mind becomes uncluttered, and your thoughts become clear and efficient.

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