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Aquarius September 2018 Horoscope

Aquarius September 2018 Horoscope

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Aquarius September 2018 Horoscope: If you think the summer was busy, wait for September, Aquarius. The next month could be one of the most exciting you have had in years. Let’s get started.

Aquarius Horoscope September 2018: Mercury in Virgo

On September 5th, Mercury enters Virgo, and will be there through September 21st. Your finances come right into focus and you will find that you will want to look at every dime that passes through your wallet. This is a good thing, as you will find yourself in a much better financial situation by the end of the month.

Aquarius Horoscope September 2018: Saturn Direct

Saturn turns direct in Capricorn on September 6th. This transit is important because it is going to make the aforementioned transit operate very smoothly. Think of it as a booster to that desire to get your finances in order.

On September 9th, Venus enters Scorpio. You are very self confident during this transit, which can last a long time, and people are drawn to you. This means that your romantic and social side is going to be very active in September.

Also on September 9th, there is a new moon in Virgo. This could affect not only yourself, but also those very close to you, and will bring new good luck and good news regarding money. That is always a good thing.

Aquarius Horoscope September 2018: Mars Transit

Mars transits your sign from September 10th through November 15th. This is a cleaning out of old issues. This transit brings you both the clarity and the desire to remedy outstanding issues that you might have with those close to you, and in your work life.

On September 21st through October 9th, Mercury transits Libra. This is a cool transit, and you will be driven to be more involved in the arts. You will appreciate beauty all around you. Those around you will be drawn to this artistic passion. It is a transit worth trying to make a permanent part of your personality.

Aquarius Horoscope September 2018: Full Moon

Finally on September 24th, there is a full moon in Aries. News is coming to someone very close to you, and the results could bring a lot of drama, so be ready.

Aquarius Horoscope September 2018: Words of Wisdom

The forgiving state of mind is a magnet power for attracting good.


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