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Aries February 2018 Horoscope

Aries February 2018 Horoscope: After all of the holidays and the intense start of the 2018 calendar year, February looks to be quite a respite from hectic times. In fact, February 2018, astrologically, could be one of the quietest, and also most enjoyable, months of the year.

Aries February 2018 Horoscope: Valentine’s Day

Of course, whenever one thinks of February, Valentine’s Day comes up. Despite what you might think of the holiday, this year it very much coincides with astrologically romantic times.

Love and Romance Affirmations:

Love surrounds me, I completely open my heart to receiving love

I create my reality and by giving love unconditionally, I receive love

Every day the Universe sends love to me and every day I am worthy of receiving an abundance of love

My natural loving nature attracts love to me like a magnet

I love myself, I fully accept myself for the unique person I am and I am grateful for all the love I have in my life

By releasing my love into the universe I will attract the ideal partner and create a happy, loving relationship filled with abundance

For the most part, the month does not offer up too many astrological events, but there is a solar eclipse in Aquarius and it falls the day after Valentine’s Day on February 15th! All around this day there is a tremendous sense of new opportunities to expand your desires and goals!

The solar eclipse is, by definition, an illuminating presence, and it allows for you to see the whole field of your life and new opportunities will come into the light.

Uranus will be a factor in this solar eclipse on February 15th, and that means that the opportunities that arise could appear seemingly out of nowhere. Keep your eyes, ears, mind, and soul open to the possibilities.


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When talking about a solar eclipse and “new opportunities” realize that this could affect any area of your life. You could find yourself involved in a new, exciting work project, or a romance might come out of nowhere. It is a broad-based energy that casts its spell all around the day of the eclipse, which will, of course, cover St. Valentine’s Day.

Aries February 2018 Horoscope: Venus Transit

Venus enters Pisces on February 10th, and your spiritual side and intuition become greatly heightened. This will be the case until March 6th.   During this time be prepared to have your thoughts and feelings gravitate more toward the mystical, and your unconscious being will be very active.

Pay very close attention to your dreams once this transit begins, as they will be more insightful than usual. Perhaps you will want to keep a dream journal, or learn more about interpreting your own dreams.

Romance might be on the horizon, but for this period of time, you will be much more attracted to spiritual people. You will have a sense about this and will find pleasure in seeking out those with similar belief systems.

Aries February 2018 Horoscope: Mercury Joins Venus

Mercury joins Venus in Pisces on February 18th, and again will be there until March 6th. This is going to be a major boost for your creative and expressive side. It is a wonderful opportunity and just the push you need to start on a new project that is purely about an expression in the written word. Start writing a blog, or start keeping a journal, or even dive into writing a book that you have always wanted to.

February will indeed by a joyfully quiet month, but stay tuned for more as March could be a wild ride!

Aries “Words of Wisdom” February, 2018

Ask yourself the secret of your success.  Listen to your answer, and practice it.


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