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Aries Horoscope – August, 2017

Aries August 2017 Horoscope

Get Your Guard Up!

Even though July was a very active month, astrologically, don’t expect a gentle month this August!  There are multiple eclipses ahead, and other events that you will need to start preparing for!

Aries Lunar Eclipse for August 2017 Horoscope

August 7th is a big day for you, as there is a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius. This will illuminate a lot about your relationships with close friends. You will feel it approaching before, and the effects will linger after.  If there is a simmering conflict, or unresolved problem with those close to you, around this day will be a time where it will come into the light.  Your subconscious will be very acute, and even your dreams will bring forth issues residing deep in your subconscious. It is an excellent time to embrace the light shining on all of this, and take some time to evaluate all aspects of where your life is at and where it is going.

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There will also be a Full Moon on August 7th .   Native American tribes called the August Moon the “Sturgeon Moon” because they knew that the fishermen catching sturgeon of the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain had their largest catches during this moon.  The Full Moon is when the moon’s energy is at its peak.  The day of the full moon brings vitality, good health and friendships.  This moon is also called the Blueberry Moon, for the blueberry harvest, but in color, it appears reddish when reflecting through a molten haze during the early hours of the day.

Aries Retrograde for August 2017 Horoscope

On August 12th, Mercury goes Retrograde in Virgo, staying there until September 5th. Remember this window of time carefully, and plan around it. Take care of all of the formal aspects of your life, and important decisions, BEFORE and AFTER these dates.

This Retrograde will probably bring forth some old project, issue, or a friend back into your life. It is a revisiting of a pre-existing situation in your life, and be prepared for the emergence of this in your life, and be able to resolve whatever is left in chaos.

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