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Aries Horoscope – June, 2017

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Busy Times with Many Opportunities!

After a fairly tranquil May, get prepared for a month of activity. It will be important to concentrate on your tools that you use in your life to maintain balance. A hectic life doesn’t need to be a stressful life, and June will surely be a time of transitions and motion.

Mars enters Cancer on June 4th through the 20th and your home life is going to be very busy during this time. This could mean a time of unexpected home repairs, or even some guests that come in from out of time. Your home life could be bustling, and whether it turns out to be a positive or negative will depend on how you handle it. For instance, don’t panic if you need to make a home renovation unexpectedly, but rather take it step by step. With a deliberate approach, you may find that little annoyances turn out to be serendipitous good fortunes. With guests, you may initially think to yourself that it is going to be a pain, but with a positive attitude, you may find that you are enriched by their company.

Angel of ARIES – Governing Angels

Mercury enters Gemini and Venus enters Taurus on June 6th. With Mercury entering Gemini, this could be a time of pronounced energies causing some uneasiness with the creation of a new project. Your mind is moving a mile a minute and you are just hoping to get pen to paper with new ideas flowing forth. Perhaps a change of pace will help satisfy your urge for new stimuli, and you might need to do little daytrips… even if just to pack your laptop and work from somewhere new. You require new sights and smells to be most productive.

Don’t’ be afraid to relocate now and then during this time as the second transit of Mercury entering Gemini could mean even more forces pulling at your mood. With this, you might want to bring in new stimuli INTO your existing home or work place. Some decorating changes might be in store for you, so go for it! Your creative side needs some changes to operate at peak efficiency.

Jupiter turns direct in Libra on June 9th, and the partnerships in your life- personally or professionally – will benefit. From the 6th to the 9th you will be flowing forth with urges to enhance the relationships with all of the people that you are closest with.

On June 9th there will be a full moon in Sagittarius. Your belief system will light up and you will spend much more time concentrating on your deeply held spiritual or religious side. It is a day of enlightenment, so try to allocate time to allow for meditation and contemplation.

Mercury comes into Cancer on June 21st, and will join Mars. This is an exciting day for planning new changes for your home life. This could be the start of a major home renovation, a step toward a cabin or cottage, or even just finally jumping into plans for a long trip.

On June 23rd, there is a new moon which joins Mercury and Mars in Cancer. Mars will give you the fortitude and energy to dive into some new opportunity related to your family life.

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