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Romantic Hurdles to Overcome!

Venus is going to turn retrograde on March 4th, and this could create some difficulty with your romantic life. If you have a current partner, this could be a rough patch until April 15th, so it will take extra work to keep things running smoothly. Be patient and listen to your partner at this time for he/she has much to say. Those that are single may get an opportunity to meet a new man/woman that is coming into their life, so be open to a new experience.

This will be the same for aspects of your life that involve your creativity. You will have a hard time getting your creative juices flowing, but be patient, it is temporary. Repetitive tasks will bother you, but there is no choice. Do your best, thing will change soon.

You have a strong business sense during this month, so take advantage and pour energy into your new endeavor.

On the bright side, this is a time where you will be in a great position to earn money. You will be reenergized in your financial life, and with Mars entering Taurus on March 9th, the stars are aligned for a windfall or at least the foundation of a new source of income. Be cautious when lending out money as some people are not as needy as they claim to be.

Because Venus deals with money and is retrograde, the Mars transit allows for some conflict with your partner. It is a time to take a breath and don’t allow money to overtake your romantic side. This will last until April 21.

March 12 will feature a full moon in Virgo, and this could bring into focus that desire you have to get into shape and to make some changes in your health. Start a new fitness regime, it’s time to be balanced with new health targets. Fast foods are your enemy. Be proactive and take advantage of this new found clarity regarding wellness.

You have been thinking about taking an adventurous trip. If you do your homework and do responsible planning, you will have the opportunity to make this trip a reality. Planets are aligned for it to be a successful venture. Make sure you have the funds at hand, and don’t tap too much into savings, before you commit to the trip.

March 13th will have Mercury entering your sign, and that will be the case until March 31st. This is a time of great self awareness. Take the time to make a personal inventory of your life, your goals, your projects, and set the tone for the rest of the year.

A new opportunity is coming for you to learn new techniques and ideas in your career. Get organized with a new phone app that helps you stay on top of projects and lists of things to do. You have a strong business sense during this month, so take advantage and pour energy into your new endeavor. You will gain the confidence of your superiors in the work field.

March 27th features a new moon, which happens once per year. This is just that… a “reload” button for you. You will be refreshed and consider this the start of a new cycle of all aspects of your life. It’s time to expand your horizons.

Let by gones be by gones and don’t be encumbered by negativity. You feel the need for self-expression through adventure. Make a list of what you want to accomplish in the near future and set short, medium, and long term goals.


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