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Aries July 2018 Horoscope

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Aries July 2018 Horoscope: Start your preparations early, as July brings several tests and ends with the second Mercury retro of the year. This, along with two eclipses, makes for a time of potential uneasiness, but with that opportunities arise for great growth.

Aries July 2018 Horoscope: Venus Transit

To begin with, Venus enters Virgo on July 9th, and will be there until August 6th. This is an up and down transit, but there are some definite positives to be gained. On one side, in your professional life and with any projects you are working on outside of the home, things seem to go very nicely. Yes, you may be a little hard on yourself and could have some doubts about your own plans and leadership, but how you relate to others will go much more smoothly, and these relationships will bring you through.

This transit of Venus also could bring some turbulence to your love life. You will be the one that is a little on edge, but if you are aware of this tendency going into the transit, you can adjust.

Aries July 2018 Horoscope: Jupiter Transit

On July 10th, Jupiter turns direct in Scorpio again. The keyword here is the regaining of that “expanse” in your thinking. Generally this means you focus again on the spiritual and metaphysical aspects of your life, and it is a great time to consult a psychic or a spiritualist.

Aries July 2018 Horoscope: Solar Eclipse

There is a solar eclipse on July 12th in Cancer. This is going to bring some wonderful new opportunities / news with your home and family life. This news is going to come out of nowhere, so be prepared and around this day make sure to focus on your home and family life and be ready!

Aries July 2018 Horoscope: Mercury Retrograde

The second Mercury retrograde of the year occurs on July 26th, and will be going on until August 19th. As always, make sure that you prepare for this by getting all of your formal decisions, purchase decisions, contracts, etc., done before this date, or wait until after.

While the retrograde is going on, it is recommended that you find yourself a quiet place, and find a meditation, a mantra, or a prayer to say daily that helps you find your center, and your peace. Here is a suggestion of 20 affirmations that you can say each day:

I wake up happy and excited every single day.

Each day of my life is filled with joy and love.

I am enthusiastic about every second of my life.

Everything I do is fun, healthy and exciting.

I am a beacon of love and compassion.

Everyone sees how much joy and love I have for life.

I crave new, healthy experiences.

All of my relationships are positive and filled with love and compassion.

I see others as good people who are trying their best.

I find opportunities to be kind and caring everywhere I look.

I easily accomplish all of my goals.

I only desire things that are healthy for me.

I instantly manifest my desires.

My life is full of magic and serendipity,

My thoughts and feelings are nourishing.

I am present in every moment.

I see beauty in everything.

People treat me with kindness and respect.

I am surrounded by peaceful people.

My environment is calm and supportive.

Aries July 2018 Horoscope: Lunar Eclipse

The second eclipse of the month comes on July 27th, with a lunar eclipse in Aquarius. These eclipses can cause stress, but are actually just exposing an issue that is lying just under the surface. Luckily, you are already preparing for the Mercury retrograde, so around this day use the skills that you are applying toward the retro to this eclipse as well, and don’t allow any situations to blow up and out of control.

Aries July 2018 Horoscope: Words of Wisdom

What matters is not the idea a man holds, but the depth at which he holds it.



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