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Stay Balanced, and Be Rewarded

On April 9th, Mercury begins retrograde until May 3rd. It will be a time where you will need to be extra vigilant against little issues becoming big ones. Don’t enter into any contracts or deals that you don’t absolutely have to, and take a step back when confronted with any sort of negativity. It won’t last long, and these trying times always set up a better time that you will be extremely grateful for, and they start in May!

Saturn moves retrograde through Sagittarius from April 6th to August 25th causing a bit of a downturn with your career and health choices. It will be a little more difficult to turn down that unhealthy snack in favor of a healthy one, and work can be extra trying at times.

You also possess an emotional power that gives you the ability to intuitively understand others’ motives when you trust your first instincts.

You have a restless side that keeps you constantly interested in new people and places. You have a sixth sense about what motivates people. As you are highly intuitive, you must learn to trust your instincts and develop a way to access your great store of inner wisdom.

You may even have doubts creep into your consciousness about your work and start to feel bad about the overall status of your health. Don’t fret, these are just tendencies and influences… they can be gifts. Extra challenges like these can make you a profoundly better person.

On April 11, a Full Moon in Libra shines the light on your home life. It is a completion, and you should mark your calendar for it and celebrate it. Have you been working on a major home renovation or crafts project? Set this date as a goal and you will be very happy and full of pride at the completion of a creative project at home.

Venus turns direct in Pisces on April 15th, and watch out– your romantic and creative side are set ablaze! From now until the 28th, when Venus enters Aries again you should be building up your body and mind for the coming to fruition of work projects.

With your powerful emotions and generosity, you have a lot to offer others. You also possess an emotional power that gives you the ability to intuitively understand others’ motives when you trust your first instincts. Your interest in human nature will take you beyond business and sociability to a humanitarian desire to do something meaningful.

Until June 6th Venus will be in Aries, so this is a time for your professional life to flourish. With your natural communication skills, you have the ability to be a persuasive salesperson or promoter. Full of enthusiasm and original ideas, you can show others the way forward. Your ability to work hard, coupled with faith in the outcome of your labors, will guarantee success. If you have a plan of action, it is important to complete it rather than leave things unfinished.

From April 21st to June 4th Mars transits Gemini, and this is a boost to your level of communication. Are there some conflicts with people who you have that you are worried about because you can’t convey your message well? This is the time that you will be able to be clear, logical, and patient with people and a great time to resolve underlying issues.

On April 26th a new moon in Taurus and this will open your eyes to new relationships. A new friend, coworker, or even a social media acquaintance will become a new positive element to your life. Charm seems to be one of your key assets, your charismatic personality ensures that you attract friends and lovers.

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