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Focus On Spiritual Growth!

The sign of Cancer in January is ruled by the moon. It is a time of strong emotional ties with family and friends. January will see you engaged more with your personal life rather than your professional one. You will finally realize what is really important in your life.  Mercury will retro the first week, so it’s not a good time for business or personal commitments.

“Change is happening rapidly and people might find it hard to keep up with you.”

Take time out to pursue a spiritual path. You will have lots of opportunities to make those connections that support your beliefs. It’s a good time to meet people who inspire you to follow your spiritual path. You will feel encouraged to get involved in things you wouldn’t have otherwise had the courage to pursue. Your ego and personality will benefit from your new, spiritual growth.

Even if you are happy with your life as it is, you will probably have to accept that some change is inevitable. The support you get from others will help you on your path of discovery. You are beginning some interesting positive changes.

Try not to let the success of recent months go to your head and remember the people that helped you up during your hard times of last year. Change is happening rapidly and people might find it hard to keep up with you. You will make a few reliable and trustworthy new friends. These interesting new people will keep you in tune with what’s new and happening out in the world.

On January 12th, the Full Moon is in Cancer, and Mercury joins Pluto in Capricorn. It’s a day for a spurt of energy. It will make your aura sizzle and is a great time to go out on the town and flirt yourself silly. If you are in a relationship, bring them along and give them your total attention.

On January 28th, the New Moon is in Aquarius, and Mars enters Aries. Be careful as things may get bumpy and antagonistic. But you have the patience necessary to push through all the petty arguments.

If you want to feel successful and happy, make sure your home, career, partner and health are all in order. You will see your bank balance inflate, but you tend to get carried away with the sudden increase and will have it spent in record time. Maybe this time you will learn and start watching your money. It will take you around four months to catch your breath and start making wiser decisions.

It’s time to try your hand at some easy, therapeutic fun activities like cooking, baking, walking, or joining a group that interests you. You will make good progress and meet lots of interesting, new people. You will find people flocking around you for guidance. Give it freely, but only when asked.

Things are going to flow easily for you for a while. Others will not stand in your way. In relationships, commitment may be the issue in order to keep things rolling smoothly. The time is coming for you to move your attention to career and other goals, so be prepared.


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