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Perhaps The Most Exciting Month Of The Year

June is going to be an exciting time, following a very quiet and relaxing May. This is true for many of the signs, but especially for Cancer. So buckle up, and get ready for a month of wonderful events.

On June 4th, Mars enters Cancer through July 20th. From every cell in your body you feel energized and motivated. Spring is well underway, and you feel it in every way more than most. You are revitalized, and you should take advantage of the newfound spirit.

Angel of CANCER – Governing Angels

Your energy is way up and if you don’t already have an exercise routine, it is a great time to begin one. You will find the desire to make changes to your health across the board, from starting, to walk more, to eating better. This new approach to your health will help springboard so many positive things in your life.

Mercury enters Gemini and Venus enters Taurus on the 6th. Also, Jupiter will turn direct in Libra on the 9th. These are three events that are going to have a major effect on your life. You will start to become a busy body of organization, and will start to form bonds with coworkers and friends that will greatly benefit you down the road.

Furthermore, some new projects are in the making. It is a time of enhanced productivity, where your ideas flow freely and are clear and efficient. This is a window of time for planting the foundation for major changes in your life down the road with work and your home life.

The transit of Venus entering Taurus will last until July 4th, and this is going to bring some newness in your romantic life. You will also want to change your settings, by either taking trips or spending time away from your standard surrounding to experience new stimuli and beauty, or by bringing new stimuli and beauty into your home and work place through a change in décor. It is a time that you will get a lot of joy from being around people close to you as well.

In regards to Jupiter turning direct in Libra and it will cause a careful, well planned, but joyful change in your home life. Maybe you are planting a garden to help create a peaceful place to unwind, or some other home renovation that is designed to balance out your hectic life.

There is a full moon in Sagittarius on June 9th, as it joins Saturn retrograde. You will begin to see progress – progress with a long work project, or progress with a new healthy lifestyle. You start to see a pattern that if you plan carefully and are patient, the results will come inevitably and eventually. You will be greatly encouraged by this.

Mercury joins Mars on the 21st and that lasts until July 5th. Your mind is once again a flutter with activity and you will be particularly agile with your mental capabilities. This will suit you and you’re more creative and emotional side will benefit by letting your analytical and problem solving side take the lead.

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