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Focus On Your Career

Prepare for a month very much focused on your job, or a new career. Everything is aligned for a “newness” regarding this, whether a new project, a raise, a change of career, etc. The focus of all of this work energy will come to pass around the 27th, with a new moon in Aries that directly effects your work.

Venus turns retrograde in Aries on March 4th through April 15th.. This a time where there is that chance for “perceived” slowness regarding work, but in reality, it is an opportunity for you to shine at work, with a new project, or a totally new career. What might seem like a down time is simply a time when others are standing pat, and you can swoop in and be the leader.

Your mind will be clear and not muddled with the distractions that keep us from being productive.

Success shall come to you from all sides. You have worked hard for this to happen. This is not a time of slowing down, but a time of inward reflection regarding your career. Don’t give in to the perception of negativity with work, but rather take a step back, consider deeply, and make a move that will set the tone for the next few months.

On March 9th, Mars enters Taurus, and between then and April 21st, you are a networking machine. Keep your mind open to coworkers that you might have avoided before. Take a look at that lead list or past clients that you have lost contact with. This is an opportunity to align yourself with many other people at work, and you will have a renewed energy to build up your network of work-related relationships.

There is a full moon for Virgo on March 12th, and this is going to mean that some jumbled mess that has been eluding you will come into perfect focus. Have you had a home or work project or task that you just can’t seem to find the right answer for? This is the time to solve it. Make that final decision on something you have been avoiding.

Have you been thinking of a new major purchase but stuck in the mud deciding between brands? This is when you will be perfectly set up to pull the trigger. Your mind will be clear and not muddled with the distractions that keep us from being productive.

On March the 13th, Mercury enters Aries through the 31st and this will directly effect your career. Be wary of having your mind filled with a flood of new ideas and coming up with new concepts. This could involve both home and work projects, and you will feel almost overwhelmed by how frenzied your mind is acting, coming up with new and exciting ideas.

On the 27th, a new moon will occur as Mercury is in Aries. This is the “newness” in your life. You are now understanding the differences between real and unreal relationships, and that includes family, friends, and significant-others. It’s a time to show kindness in words and deeds to those around you. Don’t rush into judgement.

On the 31st, Mercury enters Taurus until April 9th, and this is a time for you to be getting everything in order. Check your accounts, make sure that all of your t’s are crossed and your i’s are dotted. If you continue to act responsibly, you will reach your financial goals that you set for the month, and also be on track for financial stability for the year. This can only happen if you continue to work hard towards the ideals you set for your life when you entered 2017.


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