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Take a Long, Peaceful Breath

This will be a month of calmness and peace. The last few months have been a bit chaotic, so the serenity will be very welcome. It starts wonderfully when, on May 3rd, Mercury turns direct into Aries regarding your professional life.

Up until the 16th, when Mercury turns into Taurus, your work life will get rebooted, and moving in a very positive direction. Anything regarding your career that appeared to be at a dead end or petering out will get a jump start, and you will feel renewed with purpose and energy regarding your work.

On May 10, there will be a Full Moon in Scorpio. It will form a beneficial angle to Pluto in Capricorn, and this will be a major boon to your romantic and creative sides. This will be a very powerful emotional day, but one in which you are in control and this is a time when you can cast out the cobwebs of negativity.

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Little problems that are associated with your love life and with creative projects will finally seem like the little problems that they are and you will be able clear out the negative noise. This intensity of clarity and emotion will occur for several days on both sides of the full moon, so take advantage and make this a time of problem solving.

Mercury transits Taurus between May 16th and June 6th and you will have a few weeks of just wonderful, practical point of views. You will be calm and reserved, and especially reasonable during this time. Little dramas won’t affect you, and you will enjoy a sense of serenity not felt in a long time. Take the effort to identify why you are feeling this way, and understand what are the things that use to cause you so much stress, that turn out to not be important.

Good judgment and an eye for detail will bring you successful acomplishments. You may have to develop a less skeptical attitude by overcoming a tendency to make erratic or impulsive decisions. You need to learn patience and be practical in order to channel your creative powers. Learn to stay focused by letting your feelings guide you, and start trusting your intuition.

Sociable and friendly, you enjoy entertaining, and with your wit and zany humor, you can be good company. Your people skills can be the best. You will be even more of a success when you learn to communicate your feelings a little more.

On the 25th, there is a New Moon in Gemini and this could unveil a wonderful moment of serendipity! You might experience a windfall or just be surprised by something with work that provides you with a major boost.

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