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Cancer January 2019 Horoscope

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Cancer January 2019 Horoscope: To start the New Year off, Mars is already in Aries in your professional area of your chart, and will be there through February 14th. Your career and major projects that you are working on will be full of energy, and you will be a productivity machine. Not only do you have the energy to get things done at work and with projects, but you will also find that your attitude will be perfectly aligned with your goals. This is a great way to start the year.

Cancer January 2019 Horoscope: Mercury Transit

Mercury transits Capricorn from January 4th through January 24th. Once again, this is going to be a major boon for your professional life and projects. Your mind is full of clarity and you operate very efficiently. January is looking like an excellent time to get ahead at work and to get through your to do lists in all aspects of your life.

Cancer January 2019 Horoscope: Solar Eclipse

There is a solar eclipse on January 4th that occurs in Capricorn. With your formal relationships in your life there is going to be several major opportunities that arise. These can happen anytime around this date. Keep your eyes, ears, heart and soul open to the possibilities.

On January 6th, Uranus turns direct in Aries. Surprise is the key work here, and this also will be a big boost to your career area and projects. If you embrace the change and the concept of continual growth, these changes will be very positive.

Cancer January 2019 Horoscope: Venus Transit

Venus enters Sagittarius on January 7th and will be there through February 3rd. Once again, this involves that professional aspect of your life and with important projects and undertakings. However, with Venus involved this means a mix of the romantic and also the creative. With all of the other boosts to this one aspect of your life, this added element of romance and artistry should keep things interesting.

Cancer January 2019 Horoscope: Lunar Eclipse

There is a lunar eclipse on January 24th in Leo. This could be a bit of an alarming event, but one that you can prepare for. Look for some unexpected financial news. If you panic, it could be a negative. If you are prepared for this, you could find that it is a remarkable opportunity for growth.

Total Lunar Eclipse, Super Blood Moon and a Wolf Moon

January of 2019 is going to bring a rare Lunar event – the Super Blood Moon – to excite eclipse fans. This particular Super Blood Moon is actually going to be a trifecta of lunar events – a Total Lunar Eclipse, Super Blood Moon, and a “Wolf Moon” – and is also being called the Super Blood Wolf Moon. The Super Moon in 2019, which is set for January 20 and 21 (depending on the time zone), will be visible to the people across the Americas and parts of western Europe and Africa.

This is a time to go forth and do your own thing. Don’t stay in a bad situation… cut your losses and move on. Show kindness to those around you. Take strength from all this Moon power. The best for you is just around the corner.

Cancer January 2019 Horoscope: Words of Wisdom

With each year, changes will come. Our wish for you is positive changes for you. May life be good, and, may each day bring a smile to your face and all nice things.


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