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Cancer June 2018 Horoscope

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Cancer June 2018 Horoscope: For you, Cancer, June is going to be a delightful break from an otherwise busy summer. There are astrological events, for sure, but for the most part, there will be tranquility.

Cancer 2018 Horoscope: Mercury Enters Your Sign

Starting on June 12, Mercury transits your sign, and will do so through June 29th. You are really balanced intellectually and emotionally during this transit, and you have a sense of clarity in your thoughts that will serve your purposes very well.

Cancer 2018 Horoscope: New Moon

There will be two events on June 13th. First, there is a new moon in Gemini. The new moon will greatly heighten your communication skills and your efficiency will be through the roof. This is a great time to get involved with new projects and you will be the one working on all of the details to get it right.

Also on June 13th, Venus enters Leo. This transit happens squarely in an area that will deal with money. Money coming and money going out could both increase, and it will be up to your other personality aspects to make the most of it. For a time, your financial situation is something that will be on your mind constantly.

Cancer 2018 Horoscope: Mars Retrograde

On June 26th, Mars will turn retro in Aquarius, and will do so until August 27th. This will at first seem like a major slow down with your career and all things related to money, but in fact it is just a shifting your focus. Consider it a time out from moving forward without having done all of the homework on work projects.

Cancer 2018 Horoscope: Full Moon

There is a full moon in Capricorn on June 28th. There will be some news regarding your career, and whatever plans you may have for the future will be altered around this full moon.

Mercury joins Venus in Leo on June 29th. There are some major events coming up this summer, but starting on this day, make a concerted effort to get organized with your life to be able to endure some rough waters ahead.

Cancer 2018 Horoscope: Affirmation

I open my eyes in the morning with love in my heart, ready to greet every event of the day with patience, open-mindedness, and gratitude.


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