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Cancer Monthly Horoscope

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Cancer Monthly Horoscope – November 2017

Joy and Love

Cancer Monthly Horoscope: November is going to be a vacation month for you, Cancer, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. There has been a lot of activity, astrologically, lately, and having a month to recuperate is going to be much appreciated.

Moreover, there is another Mercury retrograde coming soon, so the relatively low impact of planetary movement comes at a perfect time for you to prepare for upcoming chaos.

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Much like with physical exercise, studying for a test, or day to day work, it is necessary to have periodic rests to maximize performance.  Astrology is no different, and when there are months with relatively low level of activity, it is a spiritual rest that is welcome.

November is a perfect month to become a better “relaxer.”  This could mean taking up meditation or yoga, or increasing your prayers, or just creating a quiet area with designated quiet times. Make a relaxing room with meditation candles, essential oils, a meditation bowl, or whatever helps you relax.

Cancer Monthly Horoscope – Full Moon

In terms of planetary activity, we start a full moon in Taurus on the 4th. This is compatible sign and it will affect your social life and your ability to network. Leading up to the full moon, on the day of, and a few days after, you will find that you will be more effective with your networking, and should receive invites to socialize with friends and colleagues.

People will be more drawn to you during this time, and why not take advantage and expand your network of friends and even grow your social network connections. If opportunities arise for you to mingle, you will be overwhelmed with a need to participate.

A full moon will simply enhance qualities that you already possess, so it is a great opportunity to appreciate these qualities to be more social that you have always possessed.

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