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Capricorn Horoscope – June, 2017

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Interactive Explosions

After calm seas during May, Capricorn will find exciting times coming up in June. It will be a time of tumultuous thoughts and feelings, but you will be invigorated by the challenges ahead.

It is important to prepare yourself for months with all of the impulsive aspects coming up this June, but enjoy the ride. Months of serenity are excellent breaks in the action of life, but months like June are what makes life exciting.

Angel of CAPRICORN – Governing Angels

Mars enters Cancer on the 4th, which will last until the 20th of July. This is going to be an explosion in the interaction with you and your partners in life both personal and professional, and not in a bad way. Communication and sharing of ideas and feelings will be at an all time high. Make sure to be equipped for little bumps in the road, and don’t let any little disagreements get in the way of the wonderful open back and forth that you have during this time.

Mercury enters Gemini on June 6th and lasts until June 21st. This will allow you to have a great focus on your day to day work. The mundane will become interesting, and you will be energized by making your daily activities as efficient and rewarding as possible. You will want to extend this proactive approach to work, to those you work with, and your suggestions will be welcome. Perhaps this is a time to bring in some new software to handle tasks that you have been still doing by hand.

Mercury will then join Mars in Cancer on the 21st and you move from the mundane to concentrating on moving work and life forward with new and exciting ideas. You will feel like there is a rocket behind you, motivating you to improve your work and home life, and this will last until July 5th.

Venus will transit into Taurus between June 6th and July 4th, and that whole other part of you will be exploding with urges – involving your romantic and creative side. It is one of the most exciting times for those elements of your personality sso don’t waste them. Make a strong effort to spend more time with that special person and also dive into a new creative endeavor.

Jupiter turns direct in Libra on the 9th, and those annoying work problems that have been stuck in neutral burst forth into high gear. Ride the wave of problem solving and get out of the bad habits that have caused projects to stall.

A full moon in Sagittarius on the 9th and it is time to get out of the same old routine. Prepare for this day and make plans to visit some place that you have never been before. Your mind craves new stimuli, so don’t deprive it.

The new moon in Cancer on the 23rd is a time of new opportunities. It is about new partnerships, or expanding existing partnerships that will profoundly improve your life.

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