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Capricorn Horoscope – March, 2017


The Artistic Side Awakens!

Venus turns retrograde on March 4th, and through April 14th. It is a time of potential conflict with friends, family members, or business partners. The key word here is potential conflict. There is a heightened sensitivity to even the smallest disagreements, and you will need to be at your best in not letting small bumps in the road become major fights. It is a temporary time of turmoil, and you will get through it well if you maintain your composure.

Mars moves through Taurus between March 9th and April 12th, and this is going to ignite your romantic and creative side. Your passions and emotions will be on the verge of exploding, and you will enjoy the ride. Take advantage of this sudden surge with your creative and romantic side, and be thankful for these occassional phases of almost maniacal passion.

What a time of adventure and frenetic energies! You are the center of activity, and it might be a wonderful time to plan a trip, or many weekend trips.

Your partner will show gratitude to you for help you have given, and you should use this time to strengthen the bond in your relationship. This goes the same for creative endeavors. If you have had a new creative project that you have been thinking of starting, now is the time! Your energy level is high, use this to manifest the projects that have been brewing over the past few months.

You have been experiencing changes in your relationships. Stress has been building up as a result of you trying to keep focused while there is so much disruption at home and in your relationships. These struggles will make you stronger. Better times are just around the corner.

Are you keeping too much to yourself? You are mulling over the past and finding emotions getting in the way of rational thinking. Listen to your inner guidance, hold the vision of how you want it to be, and picture moving beyond what is now getting in the way of your happiness and wellbeing.

On March 12th, the full moon is in Virgo. This means a very heightened sense of clarity for you. You may be able to finally see a complicated situation come into focus. If you have some work that has confounded you, now is the day to lay out all the pieces, and with a laser focus you will find the best solution. You will be efficient, determined and productive on this day.

On the 13th through the 31st, Mercury enters Aires. What a time of adventure and frenetic energies! You are the center of activity, and it might be a wonderful time to plan a trip, or many weekend trips. During this several week period it is all about movement and if you don’t embrace that urge, you will be overwhelmed with a feeling of restlessness. Your mind craves new stimuli, so take your partner, your family, or some friends on new journeys with you!

A new moon in Aries happens on the 27th. This is a focus point of newness with your family life. Be open to dialogues and exchange of ideas with those close to you. Is there a new project around the house you have been considering? Are you thinking of getting a new cabin or cottage? Remember that you are deserving because you are worth it.

New opportunities to expand your family home experience will emerge with the new moon, and it is up to you to embrace them or let them slide until another moment of inspiration occurs. It is the time to get the ball rolling on things. This is a time to be more dynamic and physically active and get on with what needs doing, either out of choice or necessity. It is not a time for procrastination, once you have thought it through, go forward and get it done.


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