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Capricorn Horoscope – May, 2017

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Slow Things Down And Enjoy

Sometimes it is nice to just relax and enjoy everything around you, and May will be the time to do it for you, Capricorn. April was a bit nuts, and this summer is going to be very busy, so enjoy a month to light up the other areas of your brain and soul that get lost in our everyday world.

Mercury turns direct in Aries on the 3rd, and your brain seems to be running very efficiently. Your thoughts are clear and organized, you are reasonable and effective, and you seem to be able to solve problems that have alluded you for the past few months. It is a time of extreme clarity, so embrace it. The retrograde is over, and celebrate by being the most productive and positive version of yourself that you can be.

Mercury stays in Aries until the 16th, and then transits Taurus until June 6th. This is a magic time. It is high times for you and your romantic partner, or if you are not connected at the moment, you are quite possibly on the prowl. Embrace these romantic and creative energies, they won’t last forever.

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This strong sense of creative energy will extend to your family, as you will communicate well, and will have a kindness and openness that others will latch onto. You are extremely creative and productive, a combination that will make you tackle and complete projects with amazing efficiency.

You take your family ties very seriously, and you’re a formidably stable person. But that doesn’t justify throwing so much time and energy into the demands of a career, leaving too little time for family and friends. You enjoy a good party, concert or afternoon at the races, don’t forget to go and have fun.

Capricorns are Earth people. You are ambitious, dedicated, determined, practical, modest, and conventional. You are the do-ers of the zodiac, and are often the most dedicated to work and family. Capricorns are found among the great, self-made successes of the world because a Capricorn is so single-minded. Some short-change their families in favor of work.

There is a New Moon in Gemini on the 25th and this will affect your day to day to life in a way that embraces some new change that alters how you work and live every day. This could be the hiring of a new employee, a new friend for a close family member, or an alteration in your home life. Embrace the change, and be open to change.

May will be a month that could set up the rest of the summer. It is a time of calm and productivity, but make sure that you are setting up and preparing for a summer of a lot of activity. This can be very positive if you are in the right state of mind, or could be a challenge if you are not prepared.

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