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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope – November 2017

Take a Deep Breath

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope: This is a perfect time to sit back and relax. The last few months have been hectic in terms of planetary influence, but November is going to be a breeze. However, the last retrograde of the year takes place next month, so preparation for that is key while you have peace and tranquility.

If you look back at the last retrograde, what is recommended is lots of preparation. The next one will start on December 3rd and go through December 22nd.  So, not only will you have to deal with the retrograde, but it comes at traditionally one of the most stressful parts of the year.

To prepare for this, the planets have given you a golden November with several positive affects. Start by getting your Holiday shopping done before the 3rd. Get acquainted with online shopping, and take the time now to get ideas on what people want.  Don’t wait for the retrograde for this, or else you could be feeling tense and nervous due to unnecessary stress.

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Next, you will want to re-acquaint yourself with meditation and / or prayer. Find a quiet spot in your home, and try to give yourself 15 minutes each day to just relax.

Get some scented candles, some essential oils, or even a meditation bowl to help you relax. Whatever works for you.

For November, this quiet time you are setting aside for relaxation will be for pure joy.  Come retrograde time, this will be a tool that you will need to combat negativity and stress.

In terms of the retrograde, simply know that November is going to be a joyous month, and that you have been given the blessing of tranquility to be able to prepare for a tumultuous December.

Finally, retrogrades often get a bad rap, and that is a bit of a misunderstanding.  With proper preparation, a retrograde can show us the friction in our lives, giving us the opportunity to make a change in course.

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope – Full Moon

Getting back to November, there is a full moon in Taurus, and this is going to light up your romantic and artistic side! A full moon brings illumination, and not just on the night of the event, but also a little leading up to it and after. This boost in your romantic and creative side is really just showing you the power within you.

If you have a romantic partner at the moment, you are going to find a renewed fire in your heart for that person. They will appreciate being the center of your attention, and you will want to prioritize that person for the day, as you will find yourself being very appreciative for having them in your life.

Single people should make a note to get out there and meet new people.  Or, perhaps there has been a romantic opportunity staring you in the face and you finally see it!

As far as your artistic side, you are finally seeing some positive feedback for an endeavor that you have been working on.  If you have been suppressing your creative side, today is the day that it bursts out and won’t be ignored anymore.

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