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How do we contact our angels?  When seeking contact with an angel, we should do so with a feeling of gratitude.  Gratitude has a powerful vibration, and expressing gratitude before receiving anything can establish angelic contact, and encourages a faster and stronger response to our questions and requests.  Expressing our gratitude once we receive what we have asked for will help facilitate any future connections with the spiritual realm.

If you desire to connect with a particular angel, such as your guardian angel, include this in your thoughts and intentions.  Visualize being surrounded by white light.  Express from within your desire to be connected with the highest source of guidance that is available to you, your guardian angel.   Keep your mind open and ready to receive a connection.  Stay relaxed and allow it to happen.  When you are sincere and open to all possibilities, you will find a change in your thoughts and actions.  Embrace these changes and make these contacts with the spiritual realm a regular part of your life.

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