Daily Astrology

August 1 Astrology Reading


You are going to find yourself caught up in the middle of a situation filled with controversy. You are capable of defending yourself, but you might not have to. Whatever you do, don’t choose to withdraw into a protective shell and forget about friends and family. Use your mind power to triumph over real obstacles. You are drawn to a person who has the courage to attempt impossible feats. Let go of something that has been bothering you in your past. That will enable you to grow beyond limitations.

If you were born on August 1st, you are attracted to danger and risk-taking. Pushing yourself to the limit and beyond is your favorite pastime. Adventure and far-off places are appealing to you. You have the belief that “nothing is impossible” to accomplish.

Daily thought for August 1st: There is only one success, and that is to be able to spend your life in your own way.