Daily Astrology

August 10 Astrology Reading


Your common sense outranks most, but your ability to see the numerous sides of every situation seems to be bringing you doubt and confusion. Don’t second guess.  Your creative power of solving problems will be put to the test, today. When you face difficult situations, you know that you possess the power to triumph over adversity, so don’t hesitate to make important decisions.  Don’t make the mistake of having unrealistic high hopes in looking for the perfect love interest, as that may be too difficult for anyone to live up to.  Your soul mate isn’t far.

If you were born on August 10th, you are an ambitious individual with great potential and leadership abilities. You are a tiger in public and a pussycat who finds peace at home. You are creative and talented, with a strong need for self-expression.

Daily thought for August 10th: The company you keep will determine the trouble you meet.