Daily Astrology

August 11 Astrology Reading


You are at your best when you are not out to impress anyone, when you forego status symbols and live quietly in order to concentrate on your chosen specialty. Since you possess the power to achieve in a big way, it may be important to be out front both materially and emotionally. Try to be more efficient and discriminating with your time and energy. If you want to benefit from what others have to offer, it’s time to practice the art of compromise.  You are one of the lucky ones, you are smart enough to know how to make more than you spend.

If you were born on August 11th, idealism, inspiration and innovation are highly important to you. A blend of humility and confidence challenges you to work toward self-mastery, both materially and spiritually. You are warm, friendly and highly sociable.

Daily thought for August 11th: As we learn we always change, and so our perception. This changed perception then becomes a new teacher inside each of us.