Daily Astrology

August 19 Astrology Reading


If you want to have things your way, you may need to develop a less dominant character. To keep your restless and active mind occupied and constructive, you need to stay positive and develop patience and tolerance. Listen to the wisdom of your inner voice. When you combine your fine mind, courage and originality, you can receive brilliant inspiration. Don’t procrastinate. Learn to be more open and sharing.

If you were born on August 19th, you are dynamic and bright. Highly ambitious, you can present a friendly and confident front. Socially inclined, you have an ability to attract others. You will be able to always find friends and admirers. You feel that the world is there for you to explore.

Daily thought for August 19th: A secure individual is one who knows that the responsibility for anything concerning his life remains with himself, and he accepts that responsibility.