Daily Astrology

December 1 Astrology Reading


You have been feeling a sense of isolation and disconnection lately, even surrounded by family and friends. Family and loved ones have been taking all your emotional energy and are leaving you spent. These people think you are difficult to understand, when in fact you are just weary. If you avoid the physical strains coming from your moodiness, you will feel much better. New social contacts may be the answer to your frustrations. Make new friends, get out and mingle.

People born on December 1st are natural leaders. Your dynamic and straightforward style guarantees that you do not waste time but aim straight for your objective. You are confident about what you want financially but you find it harder to be certain about how you feel or whom you love. Like most, you need love and approval, and have the ability to turn on the charm to get your way.

Daily thought for December 1st: Our light shines the brightest in the midst of difficulties. Today, no matter what you may face, let your light shine on. It will spark embers of hope in the hearts of all those around you.