Daily Astrology

December 3 Astrology Reading


Your determination, stamina and emotional security are tested continually. You try to please everyone before you make a decision to change goals or make a move. Your best teacher seems to be experience. Inactivity is not the answer. Follow your intuition, your hunches, to attract success. Your special brand of enthusiasm will help you succeed. You must learn to take charge of each day as it comes and learn from it. Don’t look back for the best is yet to come.

People born on December 3rd are wise beyond their years. You possess powerful emotions and have a great deal of love to give. As a shrewd, independent thinker, you benefit from being well educated and skillful. Capable, hard working and responsible, you rise to positions of authority in every task you undertake. You are likely to have many friends and acquaintances.

Daily thought for December 3rd: Always remember that by reaching out to help others, your own problems are forgotten.