July Astrology

July 11th Astrology Reading


Today you will be more successful if you are partners in an endeavor. It’s time to be a team player.  It is usually your private life and imagination that occupies your thoughts. Beware of embellishing the truth too much or someday no one will take you seriously. Keep active, as it is a prerequisite to happiness and emotional satisfaction.

If you were born on July 11th you are sensible and practical. You take pride in your work, and are inclined to be thrifty and economical. Your efficient and down-to-earth approach implies that you are outspoken and direct. You may have to guard against a tendency to be impatient and stubborn. Romantic and sensitive, you have a lot of powerful love to give.

Daily thought for July 11th:    Wisdom is the quality that keeps you from getting into situations where you need it.