July Astrology

July 19th Astrology Reading


If you do not have outlets for your strong feelings, you may become depressed.  A new hobby might be the answer.  Learn to let go of a past hurt, it’s time to welcome new opportunities into your life.  Adventurous and courageous on the one hand, you are guarded and cautious on the other. Although relationships are important to you, avoid a tendency to become too dependent on a certain person that is close to you.

If you were born on July 19th, financial security is important to you, yet you are brave enough to follow your hunches. You have an active social life as you are very charming, friendly and adventurous. Positive thinking combined with imagination is your key to balance and inner peace.

Daily thought for July 19th:   You must have long-range goals to keep you from being frustrated by short-range failures.