July Astrology

July 26th Astrology Reading


You shine when you are initiating new projects, especially involving people. You are highly sociable and need the stimulation of a lively debate to keep you on your toes. With calmness you can present new ideas to others in an entertaining and logical manner in order to persuade them to see things from your perspective.  Today, show a child how much fun life can be.

If you were born on July 26th, you are warmhearted, but present a cold and detached exterior. You have a way of expressing what those around you are feeling. You tell it like it is, straight out and blunt. You command respect and thrive on prestige and responsibility. Your magnetic charm catches people’s attention and your sense of humor holds their interest and keeps them entertained.

Daily thought for July 26th:   Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things.