July Astrology

July 31st Astrology Reading


Today is a good day to practice a daily act of kindness. Find opportunities to give compliments. It costs nothing, takes no time, and could make someone’s entire day. Don’t just think it, say it. As you are very sociable, you make an excellent host or hostess and can be very compassionate about other people’s problems. The money you earn keeps passing through your hands as quickly as it comes in, as you are always there for friends and family.  Today, try to eat at least one of your meals outdoors.

If you were born on July 31st, you are known to aim high, and your inner core of steely determination practically guarantees that you’ll reach your goals. You have original ideas, a good sense of form, and the ability to succeed in business if you take your time and follow a practical plan of action. Relationships are highly important to you and you enjoy the company of others.

Daily thought for July 31st:   How to curb juvenile delinquency: 1) Take time with your children. 2) Set your children a good example. 3) Give your children ideals for living. 4) Have a lot of activities planned. 5) Discipline your children. 6) Teach them about God.