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The Moon passing through Pisces is a kind Moon. Today is a day to be more diplomatic and avoid the urge to be stubborn. If you put your foot down and refuse to budge on anything, then it is time for change. Don’t use stubbornness to get what you want, instead learn the essentials of negotiation so you can compromise, cooperate and collaborate. Stubbornness makes you more afraid to experience new things or experiment. Over time, this significantly narrows you as a person. There is no need to “prove” yourself. You need not make excuses when you are criticized or someone disagrees with you. If you find that a lot of people try to tell you the same thing, listen to them. Respect other’s beliefs along with your own. It is okay to be confident and have healthy self-esteem, but over doing it can make you appear stubborn and closed-minded, not to mention snobby, self-centered and even mean. Do what you love and believe in yourself. Continue to work hard, be kind, and you will receive prosperity.  It’s a good day to celebrate your Freedom and thank those who made that possible!

If you were born on July 4th, you appear on the surface to be much more simple and uncomplicated than you are. This is because you often neglect or suppress the human, emotional contradictions which you believe inhibit your ability to function effortlessly in the world. Charisma and charm, with a youthful quality, are some of your natural attributes. Young at heart, you are friendly and sociable, but your love for freedom might be too strong to ignore.

Daily thought for July 4th:    A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers.