July Astrology

July 6th Astrology Reading


Today, your live-for-the-moment attitude will result in restlessness. It’s time to establish your own unique style, and to be independent and original. You will receive favors from your superiors. Take time to treat each day, each moment, each person with whom you interact, with care and kindness. Keep your mind open to new experiences and change. Keep things light.

If you were born on July 6th you are magnetic in attracting love. Proud and dramatic, you are conscious of your appearance and you attempt to present a favorable image. Sometimes you become overly sensitive to criticism and that makes you feel misunderstood. With your quick wit and good sense of humor, you are a natural entertainer and fun to be with.

Daily thought for July 6th:   The world belongs to the man who is wise enough to change his mind in the presence of facts.