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Venus attains its highest position in the west after nightfall, and can bring bewilderment. Little things matter. Sometimes little things become big things and resentment builds over time. It establishes physical and emotional space between people. Resentment is not something others give us. We choose to be resentful. Start today to “Let Live.” This means acknowledging the right of every other human being to live as they want to, without criticism or judgment from us. It warns against resentment. It tells us to avoid construing other people’s actions as intentional injuries to us. When we stop our resentment issues, we can live fully, richly, happily and we will be able to fulfill our destiny with the joy that comes from doing well, whatever we do.

People born on May 10th always see the best in others and your enthusiasm is contagious. You seek adventure and would love to suddenly change your whole life just to travel. You take risks with no thought of any danger, but luckily, things usually work out well. Your weakness is that you want to run the show, and can get quite pompous in trying to do so. You are loyal to friends and family.

Daily thought for May 10th: The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.