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The Moon in Virgo is impacting our ability to avoid stress and confusion. We all want less stress. We know most people struggle, and we do too. Challenges are everywhere and everybody has them. Start today discovering that our willingness in helping others will have an immediate and beneficent reaction on each one of us. The more we give of ourselves and the more generously we open our hearts and our minds to others, the more growth we will experience as we deal with our own problems. Try not to measure your giving against your getting. The very act of giving provides our rewards. A meaningful life isn’t found, but created through our actions. To live longer, we must be a giver. It’s good for our health and well being.

People born on May 22nd are happy and positive, with a great desire to do their own thing. You rarely lose hope, and your natural humanity always reminds you that many others are less fortunate. Relationships usually don’t work for you as you are so set in your ways that it all seems impossible, so most seem to remain single. Your need for independence cannot be understated.

Daily thought for May 22nd: Faith and doubt both are needed, not as antagonists, but working side by side to take us around the unknown curves ahead.