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A Libra Moon can drain our energy. Be strong! Have you been wasting your time and energy fighting situations that are actually not worth a second thought? Don’t let your imagination build small troubles into big ones. We plan everything so stringently and that everything will just work out for us without the slightest of hiccups. We expect that the whole world is out to get us and everything that happens is somehow about us. Stress causes us to overreact, but overreacting doesn’t release any of it. All it does is create more stressors in our environment. Address issues when they arise or as soon as you’re able, and then move on. Find a friend or significant other you can vent to. Let it out so you can let it go and move on.

People born on May 24th are practical and ambitious, but often lack self-confidence. You are conventional in your thinking and could sometimes even be called slaves to convention. You always seem to do the right thing. Patience is one of your virtues. Often, you find it hard to show your true feelings, especially in intimate relationships. People love your adventurous spirit.

Daily thought for May 24th: The art of living lies less in eliminating our troubles than in learning to grow with them.