Daily Astrology

November 16 Astrology Reading


Talkative, friendly and socially aware, you have a way of drawing people out and finding out what makes them tick. You are known to approach things intellectually rather than emotionally, so many seek your advice. Your intuitive insight into human nature makes you a good judge of character. Although you have a great desire for love, you have an even greater need for freedom and independence.

People born on November 16th have a talent for analyzing situations and sizing up people and that gives you an advantage in your dealings with others. Your charm and charisma attract admirers like flies to honey. Love is important to you, but you are easily disappointed if the person you care about fails to live up to your high standards.

Daily thought for November 16th: Always believe in yourself. Your happiness depends on no one else but you. If there is something that you are unhappy about, you must change it.