Daily Astrology

November 22 Astrology Reading


Today is a day that you feel frustration and feel like exhibiting impatient and rash behavior. If you do, people are going to react with hurt silence and elusive withdrawal. Try to have a calmer response to irritation, but don’t avoid unpleasant issues. Let the gentleness within you shine. You need to be constantly initiating new projects or activities where you can channel your tremendous inner power.

People born on November 22nd are young at heart and like to have fun. You learn whatever you attempt very quickly, you need activities that can keep you mentally challenged. There are two strong sides to your nature, the organized and the exotic. But you must keep a balance so that you can be sensitive to the needs of others.

Daily thought for November 22nd: We may not always need to be so brutally honest in telling the truth. Instead, we should be honest in expressing our hopes for another person’s welfare and success. That is a truth everybody loves to hear.