Daily Astrology

November 25 Astrology Reading


An inner restlessness is causing you to explore new experiences and to be more adventurous. One part of you wants life to be secure and predictable, but another part does not want to be tied down and fears boredom. You are suffering from frustration and difficulty in making decisions about which way to go. You need to work hard and put the effort in before you can gain success. Avoid being hasty or power-hungry, for that is not you.

People born on November 25th are generous and caring and likely to be popular with others. When positive, you can project a strong and powerful love that can bring you success romantically as well as socially. A born entertainer, you possess a cheerful manner and a gift of gab that endears you to others. Your flirty ways can earn you a reputation for being fickle.

Daily thought for November 25th: It’s better to die with a good name than to live with a bad one.