Daily Astrology

November 26 Astrology Reading


Your feelings of standing still are caused from your current period of inactivity. To overcome the feeling of standing still, it may be necessary to develop detachment and not hold on to your current disappointment. Finding your creative spark within you can assist you in enjoying life, having more fun, and resisting worry and indecision. You are a net-worker, and one of your best assets is the ability to deal with people.

People born on November 26th enjoy travel and meeting new people. Endowed with energy, practical skills and strong determination, you can achieve success through hard work. Although you are usually a good partner, if you have a stubborn streak, it may cause quarrels in relationships. You are an excellent fighter for freedom, and will fight for your cause.

Daily thought for November 26th: A homey atmosphere is not a matter of the right décor, it emanates from the thoughts and feelings of the people who occupy the home. Feelings of warmth and welcome can be created only by people who are kind, generous and even-tempered.