Daily Astrology

November 27 Astrology Reading


You tend to erect emotional walls to protect yourself. This will create a distance between you and the people you love and can cause unnecessary problems. Avoid being hasty and overemotional, or reacting in an extreme manner. You may need to learn to communicate your thoughts and feelings in an open way. Sometimes you seem to be detached, when in fact you have a kind and warm heart and are only thinking deeply. Be extra kind and understanding to the people you love.

People born on November 27th are talented and quick-witted and are usually the life of the party. You possess a strong need for self-expression and when positive, can radiate the joy of life. You take your personal relationships seriously and can be very committed to your partner. You enjoy and thrive on the warmth of the people around you who care.

Daily thought for November 27th: Children are like clocks, they must be allowed to run.