Daily Astrology

November 29 Astrology Reading


Basically, you are a generous and usually forgiving soul. You know how to smooth out the tensions you might have with another since they don’t occur every day. Someone is cranky today, but that will blow over. Practice patience for you do not need rebellious behavior in your life. By acting in a mature way, you will find that your life will more than reward you in positive ways.

People born on November 29th are gifted with perception and sensitivity. As charm is one of your key assets, your charismatic personality guarantees your ability to attract friends and lovers. With your clear and balanced mind, you are a natural diplomat and peacemaker. Your greatest strength is that once committed, you are in it for the long haul.

Daily thought for November 29th: As we look around at others, we are to help shoulder their burdens and in return, accept their help in bearing our own. It’s easy to become overwhelmed in carrying our own burden. Shared burdens travel lighter. Call a friend who needs you, and do it today.